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Mechanical power transmission couplings . . .

The engineering expertise to specify & supply the correct coupling to the needs of your system.

jbj Techniques integrate extensive product knowledge and specification ability with excellent in-house machine shop services and comprehensive product stocks to provide the service needed to keep your machinery systems performing to the optimum.

A coupling is a device used to connect facing ends of two shafts together to transmit mechanical power from the driver to the driven. Rigid couplings are used in applications where the two shafts are more precisely aligned, but flexible couplings allow for issues such as angular, axial and parallel misalignment which are more common in many industrial applications.
jbj Techniques hold in stock a wide range of mechanical power transmission couplings in a wide range of sizes for quick despatch. jbj Techniques also have the technical expertise to assist you in the specification of the best coupling for your needs and extensive machine shop services, all in-house to enable prompt despatch of those more bespoke couplings, large or small in size and quantity.

The range of couplings from jbj Techniques Limited

Each of these coupling links below includes full technical specification catalogues.

Couplings quality guarantee from jbj Techniques Limited

High quality mechanical and fluid power products are always available straight from our comprehensively stocked warehouse, but, we are more than that! If you need more, be it the smallest drive component through to complex drive line component packages, then speak to our experienced sales team who will provide a solution based upon your application requirements. Quick delivery times even for bespoke mechanical power transmission couplings due to the comprehensive in-house machining facilities.

Mechanical power transmission couplings . . .

1) What is your application?

2) Which power transmission coupling would best serve your purpose?

     3) Which size & specification of coupling will safely and cost effectively fulfill your requirements?

jbj Techniques provide:

» An extensive range of couplings for mechanical power transmission.
» Many standard types and sizes held in stock for quick despatch.
» Technical expertise and in-house machining facilities for minor customisation or full bespoke couplings.
» A wide range of coupling types to fulfill the requirements of a vast range of applications.

Ranging from miniature couplings, all steel gear couplings, flexible spider couplings, shaft couplings, torque limiting couplings, disc and grid type couplings, ATEX compliant and shaft locking devices. Magnetic couplings for power transmission between hermetically sealed areas.

There are a range of criteria in specifying the most suitable coupling for your application but the jbj Techniques technical department will guide you all the way to specify the right coupling for power transmission. Every application is different.

A wide range of power transmission couplings:

Spider Couplings
curved & straight jaw couplings

couplings: mechanical power transmission spider coupling
Spidex® torsionally flexible shaft couplings, also known as jaw couplings, enable the connection of shafts or flanges via a polyurethane drive ring.

The flexibility of the drive ring allows the power transmission coupling to compensate for parallel, angular and axial displacements.

Maximum shaft diameters of 145 mm can be accommodated with maximum torques up to 15,000 Nm and maximum speeds of 19,000 rpm.

» Link to Spider Couplings web page

Gear Couplings
steel gear hubs
drive sleeve

couplings: mechanical power transmission gear coupling
Dentex® torsionally rigid, power transmission couplings which transmit torque between two steel gear hubs and the internal toothing of a nylon drive sleeve.

The gear coupling is designed to release neighbouring shaft bearings from non-controlled additional bearing loads.

Maximum shaft diameters of 100 mm can be accommodated with maximum torques up to 2,400 Nm and speeds up to 8,000 rpm.

» Link to Gear Couplings web page

All Steel Gear Couplings
steel gear hubs
steel drive sleeve

couplings: mechanical power transmission all steel gear coupling with ATEX certification on request
Hercuflex® torsionally rigid, power transmission couplings which transmit torque between two steel gear hubs and the internal toothing of a steel drive sleeve.

Gear couplings have the highest power density, offer more variations, a wider size, torque, and bore capacity than any other coupling type. Easily modified for shear pin service, floating shaft type, vertical applications, electrical isolation, limited end float, and can have a brake drum or disc added. 

» Link to All Steel Gear Couplings page

JXL Couplings
pin and bush style
anti-static / flameproof

couplings: mechanical power transmission jxl anti-static, flameproof coupling with ATEX certification on request
ATEX certificated to Directive: 94/9/EC II2GD-IM2-T6

Torsionally resilient couplings, of pin and bush design, comprise of two fully machined steel flanges which are coupled via a series of drive pins and 'hytrel' flexible elements. The elements have the ability to absorb shock loads and dampen vibration.

Maximum shaft diameters up to 400 mm with torques of 300,000 Nm and speeds up to 11,000 rpm can be accommodated.

» Link to JXL Coupling web page

Grid Couplings

couplings: mechanical power transmission grid coupling
Torsionally flexible and resilient, vibration reduction up to 30%, plus cushion shock loads safeguard driving and driven equipment.

Quick installation and easy maintenance reduces labor and downtime costs.

Fully interchangeable with industry standards.

Versatile stock; metric and imperial size cover fasteners available.

High tensile, shot-peened alloy steel grids  and  precision machined  hubs ensure superior performance  and long  life.

» Link to Grid Couplings web page

Torsional Couplings

couplings: mechanical power transmission torsional coupling
Dampen torsional vibrations and tune the system to have critical speeds outside the operating range.

These  torsional couplings  solve torsional  vibration problems  typical  of those  found  in  diesel engine applications.
Torsional couplings dampen torsional vibrations and tunes the system to have critical speeds outside the operating range.

jbj Techniques Ltd can analyse the application with our computer programme and determine the exact torsional coupling needed for almost any application.

» Link to Torsional Couplings web page

S-flex Couplings

couplings: mechanical power transmission s-flex coupling
The simple design of the S–Flex coupling ensures ease of assembly and reliable performance. No special tools needed for installation or removal. S–Flex couplings can be used in a wide variety of applications.

The S–Flex flanges are offered in five models which are made from zinc die cast or cast iron. Sleeves are available in EPDM rubber, Neoprene, or Hytrel® to address a wide variety of application requirements.

Thirteen sizes are available with torque capabilities that range from 60 in-lbs (6.78 Nm) to 72,480 in-lbs (8189 Nm).

» Link to S-flex Couplings web page

Disc Couplings

couplings: mechanical power transmission disc coupling with ATEX certification on request
jbj Techniques offer a wide variety of superior disc coupling products in models designed to meet the application needs of today’s worldwide power transmission market.

Implementation of Finite Element Analysis, and extensive testing of materials, an innovative disc pack profile design has been developed, revolutionary to traditional disc pack designs found in the market.

Manufactured using high grade stainless steel (AISI-301), for high strength, high endurance to fatigue, and resistance to most environmental conditions.

» Link to Disc Coupling web page


couplings: mechanical power transmission tyre coupling with ATEX certification on request
With a flexible body that compensates misalignment and protects other components in the transmission system. UNE-FLEX couplings can be produced in accordance with the requirements of regulation 94/9/CE (ATEX 95) of a group ll device, category 2G or 2D (zone 1) and temperature class T4.

The fundamental element of the tyre coupling is a neoprene rubber tyre reinforced with a synthetic mesh. It adapts itself to the working conditions, absorbing axial, radial, angular and torsional misalignments and prevents vibration via the transmission to the machines to which they are coupled.
Compensates for angular misalignments to 3º, radial misalignment by 4 mm, and axial misalignment of 6 mm.

» Link to Tyre Couplings web page

Permanent Magnetic Couplings

couplings: mechanical power transmission permanent magnetic coupling with ATEX certification on request
Hermetically separate two areas whilst continuing to transmit mechanical power from one to the other with these couplings ideal for applications where prevention of cross contamination is essential.

The magnetic coupling works by using the power generated by permanent magnets.

No external power supply is needed. These are permanent magnets not electro-magnets.

ATEX compliance (on request) is yet a further advantage for using these excellent power transmission couplings.

There is no need to alter your system as the magnetic coupling will be designed to suit your machinery.

» Link to Magnetic Couplings web page

Torque Limiting

couplings: mechanical power transmission, torque limiting coupling
Protect mechanical equipment, or its work, from damage from mechanical overload.

Torque limiting couplings are designed for machines with chain, gear or belt drives to prevent over-loading of sensitive motors, gearboxes and machine components.

High quality torque limiting couplings, fully-machined components with a special rustproof surface coating. This series of torque limiters are completely enclosed to prevent dirt from contaminating the interior. They allow stepless adjustment of the required slip torque, even when already installed.

Torque limiting capacity up to 23,000 Nm.

» Link to Torque Limiting Couplings web page

Coupling Element
Sizing Chart

couplings: mechanical power transmission coupling element sizing chart
Coupling element size comparison chart (up to Spidex S/CJ125 & Dentex B80)

Simply size your coupling, decide the shore hardness colour and contact us immediately.

See yellow (Pump Drive Component) catalogue for technical specifications, power, torque, speeds & other selection data.

Coupling elements can be sized even from a partial remnant of a very worn out coupling element.

Very useful if you are an end user of a power transmission system designed and built by a supplier in years past without being supplied the necessary maintenance and ordering information.

» Link to Coupling element chart web page

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