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Mechanical power transmission couplings . . .

The engineering expertise to specify
the correct coupling to the needs of your system.

jbj Techniques integrate extensive product knowledge and specification ability with excellent in-house machine shop services and comprehensive product stocks to provide the service needed to keep your machinery systems performing to the optimum.

A coupling is a device used to connect facing ends of two shafts together to transmit mechanical power from the driver to the driven. Rigid couplings are used in applications where the two shafts are more precisely aligned, but flexible couplings allow for issues such as angular, axial and parallel misalignment which are more common in many industrial applications. jbj Techniques hold in stock a wide range of flexible couplings in a wide range of sizes for quick despatch. jbj Techniques also have the technical expertise to assist you in the specification of the best coupling for your needs and extensive machine shop services all in-house to enable prompt despatch of those more bespoke couplings, large or small in size and quantity.

High quality mechanical and fluid power products are always available straight from our comprehensively stocked warehouse, but, we are more than that! If you need more, be it the smallest drive component through to complex drive line component packages, then speak to our experienced sales team who will provide a solution based upon your application requirements.
» product specification
team of design engineers to assist in design process simple or complex, standard or bespoke.

» prompt product supply
large stocks for next day delivery on many items.

» machine shop
full machining services for bespoke designs.