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Cooling / Heat Exchange

Satisfy a variety of industrial and mobile agricultural / heavy plant cooling requirements with a choice of solutions available from these oil-air coolers, off-line coolers, cooler bellhousings, oil-water coolers and plate heat exchangers.

ACN and DCN Series Oil-Air Coolers

with alternate current drives (3 x 400 V) and direct current drives (12/24 V)
» Compact Oil-Air Cooler
» High cooling capacity
» High operating pressure
» Low pressure loss
» Low noise level
» Also available with declaration of conformity according 94/9/EG

OCN Offline Cooling Units

AC drives with integrated hydraulic pump
» Compact air-oil cooler for off-line applications.
» Low noise level.
» Cooling capacity of 1.5 Kw. / °C (higher levels on request).
» Stand alone system.
» Operating viscosities of up to 300 cSt.

Cooler Bellhousings

KPV Series
» Bellhousing coolers for drain line or full flow cooling.
» Dimensions according to the VDMA Standard.
» Rigid and noise damping versions with identical lengths.
» Will replace existing bellhousing mounted in systems.
» Optional foot bracket allows horizontal mounting.
» To connect metric frame electric motors to a wide variety of pumps.

Oil/Water Heat Exchanger

» Aluminium fins ensure large degree of heat exchange.
» Cooling capacity up to 1000 Kw.
» Flow rates up to 1200 lpm.
» Optimised for maximum performance.
» Flange connections allow cooler to be rotated through 90 degrees.
» Maximum pressure 35 bar oil / 16 bar water.
» Internal bypass valve available as an option.

Oil/Water Heat Exchanger BNZ

with aluminium fins and rigid tube stack
» Compact design.
» Low pressure drop.
» Integrated test points.
» Large cooling surface area.
» Cooling capacity upto 500 Kw.
» Flow rate upto 850 lpm.
» Seawater versions available on request.

Oil/Water Heat Exchanger ESK

» Screw in design allows integrating to existing components.
» Allowable Connections 1.1/2" or 2" BSPP.
» Compact design.
» Various tube & sheet materials suit a variety of fluids.
» Allows integration to applications such as gear units, piping circuits and hydraulic tanks.
» Performance is dependant on the flow rate around the cooling tubes.

Oil/Water Safety Heat Exchangers

» Safety cooler gives protection against cross flow contamination.
» Sealed double tube technology.
» 100% electronic monitoring.
» Removable cover allows ease of cleaning internal water pipes.
» Variety of materials suit many applications.
» Leak detector available on request certfied to IECEx.

Oil/Water Safety Heat Exchangers

» Safety cooler gives protection against cross flow contamination.
» Sealed double tube technology.
» Protects against over pressure.
» 100% electronic monitoring.
» Leak detector available on request certfied to IECEx.
» Monitors thermal changes in sealing liquid volume.
» Variety of materials suit many applications.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

» Heat dissipation upto 2000Kw.
» Accepts flow rates upto 2400 lpm.
» Multipass versions reduce water requirements.
» Enlarged oil connections ensure low system pressure drop.
» Variety of materials available.
» ASME, TEMA-C and ATEX certified versions.
» Marine Approval - DNV, GL LLoyds etc.

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

» Compact alternatives to conventional Shell & Tube coolers.
» Vacuum brazed units ensure system integrity.
» High efficiency means reduced coolant requirement.
» Small size allows for reduce pipe and space requirements.
» Optimised performance delivers exact system requirements.
» Reduced size and weight improves shipping costs.
» Plates pressed in either AISI 316L with SMO 254 available on request.
» Copper or Nickel braze suits all environments and applications.
» Various pipe connections and accessories available.
» Accept temperatures up to 200°C and pressure of up to 31 bar.
» ASME code certified and UL listed designs available on request.

Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

» Gasketed versions for ease of assembly and cleaning.
» Designed to suit individual customers requirements.
» Fail safe design eliminates cross fluid contamination.    
» Modular design provides maximum efficiency of fluid heat transfer.
» Performance can be adjusted by adding or reducing plate numbers when requirements change.
» A variety of channel arrangements offer different solutions within the same footprint.
» Maximum flows up to 4,600 m³ per hour.
» Maximum pressures up to 25 bar.
» Temperature range from -40  to 180°C.
» Various pipe connections from DN 25 - DN500, weld neck flanges or threaded.
» Plate materials in AISI 304, 316L and Titanium combat the most arduous conditions.
» Optimised performance meets exact system requirements.

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